Lagoon: Active Noise Cancellation Headsets - Escape to your own peace of mind!

The Lagoon Active Noise Cancellation headsets not only offers exceptional sound quality; but also offers best in class noise cancellation along with the ability to personalise its sound signature based on a simple at-home listening test!

Hearing is a highly individual experience that changes over the course of a lifetime. Like in a mosaic picture, individual pieces get lost, changing the acoustic picture, rendering it incomplete or fading. Subtle details get blurred out, single frequencies or tones vanish.

The innovative MOSAYC sound personalisation restores the picture, using Mimi Defined™ technology. An individualised hearing profile is calculated after a hearing test in the MIY app for Android and iOS devices. With the resulting personalised hearing profile, the sound of the LAGOON ANC gets adjusted to the individual hearing capability of its wearer. It replenishes the missing pieces of the mosaic so to speak, to attain a complete and brilliant sound picture that shines in all its vivid colours and vibrant details.
Optimal operation and best sound quality; technical highlights such as digital active noise cancelling with hybrid technology and MOSAYC sound personalisation are rounded off in the Lagoon ANC by the latest audio codecs for Bluetooth® transmission such as Qualcomm® aptX™ for Android and AAC for iOS devices.

Support for aptX™ Low Latency ensures virtually latency-free, lip-synchronous transmission of sound from compatible sources such as TVs, Notebooks and Tablets. This allows flexible control of media playback, calls or personal assistants (Google, Siri).

Find peace and quiet, enjoy music wherever you are: LAGOON ANC If you travel a lot – to discover the world or to travel from business appointment to business appointment – you will appreciate a perfect moment of silence.

With the mobile LAGOON ANC premium headphones, the oasis of quiet is only one touch away. 

An innovative operating concept for maximum comfort.

Another stroke of genius from the beyerdynamic engineers is the unique Light
Guide System: to make operation easier, the inside of the headphones shines
in different colours. To see the current status, simply remove the headphones
and take a look at the light colour.

With a sensational battery life of up to 24 hours when the ANC is activated and up to 45 hours when the noise cancellation is off, the headphones will last effortlessly even on long journeys before they need to be recharged via USB type C.

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