Conferencing Hygiene Tips: For people, meetings and equipment.

Hygiene tips for microphone units.

A special and/or specific cleaning/disinfection specification for audio components such as microphone units, microphones, headsets etc. in connection with the COVID 19 pandemic is not available from beyerdynamic.

From the our point of view, it is recommended to observe the following parameters in practice without obligation:
• Replace the pop/wind shield after each use.

• It is conditionally recommended to reuse the pop/windscreen only after cleaning with mild soapy water and about 3 days drying time (use only after complete drying).

• Use microphone units for one speaker only - or at least clean them accordingly before passing them on and replace the pop/wind shield.

• Thoroughly wipe the surfaces of the microphone unit after each use with an
alcohol-based cleaning cloth (disinfectant effect). Clean the operating keys regularly. (Please note that depending on the intensity of cleaning and detergents the surface / operating keys may age prematurely in the long-term. No warranty / guarantee can generally be given for this).

• Users are advised not to press the keys directly with their fingers, but with
a blunt object (e.g. rounded end of a pencil).

Please note that these are only recommendations and that there are no medical studies which prove possible protective measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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But above all, stay safe!