Sound Personalisation Made Easy "DIY" - Optimise Your Audio Experience @ Home!

Can audio quality be enhanced further by yourself at home?

The confident answer to this question by beyerdynamic is “yes”.
The human ear differs from person to person and changes greatly in the course of a lifetime – as has been confirmed by continued audiology research.

That is why beyerdynamic worked with the German experts at Mimi Hearing Technologies in Berlin to design software called MOSAYC for our wireless headphones. Our common goal: headphones that adapt perfectly to the individual hearing of the wearer like a custom-tailored suit.

MOSAYC: Attention to detail.

Our sense of hearing is unique and changes over the course of our lives. Like a mosaic, some pieces of the sound picture get lost or fade. The unique MOSAYC sound personalisation by Mimi Defined™ compensates exactly for this development and adjusts itself precisely to your hearing ability. With individual sound personalisation, the missing tiles of the mosaic are restored. And you can enjoy the full sound picture in all its colourful splendour.

So the question is what wireless headphones and/or headsets offer this customisation and in addition how do I customise them to my personal hearing requirements?

Noise Cancellation Headsets:
> Lagoon ANC

Full Size Headsets:
> Aventho Wireless

> Amiron Wireless

> Amiron Wireless ( Copper)

In-ear Headsets:
> Xelento Wireless

So how do I go about customising my headset and for that matter, what features will I get using  MOSAYC?

Step 1. Customisation:

Download the MIY app for Android or iOS now. Complete the two minute hearing test and create your own personal sound profile by Mimi Defined™. In addition to sound personalisation the MIY app also includes some features to customise your headphones.

Click here to download:

Step 2. Open the MIY App on your device

Step 3. Start the sound personalisation process via the (Profile Tab)
a. Simply follow the prompts and enter a couple of details
b. Then do a 2 minute hearing test & save the results to your Bluetooth headset (It's that easy)!

#Hint: When you do the 2 minute hearing test, choose a quiet room or location ensuring you're not distracted during the test!

You're now ready to go!

Enjoy your music with amazing sound, perfectly adjust for you.

Additional Benefits: 

Hearing Health!

Gain an insight into your individual hearing habits. There’s only so much your hearing can take a day until it should recover. We call this limit sound dosage.

Thanks to the innovative technology EarPatron®, your headphone measures duration and volume of your daily listening to music and shows under the "Statistics" tab how many percent of your sound dosage you have already reached.

This way, you are provided with information as to whether your listening habit is still in the green zone or if your ears would benefit from a break.

Touch/Remote Personalisation!

Our headphones are operated via either the touchpad located on the right ear cup or the remote. Adjust the sensitivity of the touch pad according to your individual preferences.

Choose the sensitivity based from min. (strong push to swipe) to max. (soft push to swipe). In addition, you will find the headphone feature descriptions.

So what are you waiting for; perhaps now is the time to get Personal?