Work whenever and wherever you want with PHONUM!

With the beyerdynamic PHONUM wireless Bluetooth speaker you have the absolute freedom to work whenever and wherever you want!

PHONUM Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone

Whether speaking freely on a "one-on-one" call in your home office, or moving around the kitchen freely during a Skype conferences,- PHONUM is ideally suited for all types of discussions, meetings, or presentations thanks to its highly developed precise microphone technology and intelligent down-firing speaker.

Three of the highest-quality microphones can be found beneath the grille. These are positioned precisely to ensure that voice can be captured optimally from every acoustic angle. That’s because they can record what is said at a full 360º radius.

Switch between three modes for best voice transmission quality.
 A defined speaking direction for one person speaking.
 Voice-Tracking if you're moving, or  if another person in the room is talking.
 Be heard from all over the room.

At first glance it might appear that the loudspeaker is overhead. The truth of the matter is that the microphones are positioned beneath the grille.

360° degree downward firing speaker
The speaker is downward firing and with good reason. It allows sound to be radiated all over the room. Simply put, the audio quality of PHONUM is
simply exceptional.

Back at the office
When you're back at the office PHONUM can once again take control in any call conference. It offers seamless communication with exceptional clarity.

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