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MMX 300 PRO: Studio DNA for an immersive gaming experience 

A sound investment

At the heart of the new MMX 300 PRO is the STELLAR.45 driver, which is also used in our professional studio headphones. This ensures the exceptional audio fidelity and spatial sound reproduction of the MMX 300 PRO. The bass and treble profiles have been thoroughly refined on the new MMX 300 PRO, its closed design ensures an undisturbed gaming and sound experience.

The competitive edge

Acoustic in-game events can be pinpointed immediately, in addition the MMX 300 PRO is also impressive when it comes to music playback.

The integrated noise cancelling condenser microphone provides crystal clear sound and ensures clear and precise voice transmission in noisy environments, providing a competitive edge.

Powerful on PC and console

Thanks to the low-impedance STELLAR.45 driver with 48 ohms, it can be easily used on various devices including PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The MMX 300 PRO is supplied with a detachable connection cable with 2 x 3-pole mini jack plugs for connection to the headphone and microphone sockets. In addition, a Y adaptor is included to enable use on consoles.

Long term comfort

The new fontanelle recess on the soft padded headband helps relieve the wearing pressure and the lush tried-and-tested velour ear pads offer unbeatable comfort for long gaming sessions.

Made in Germany

Ideal for everyday gaming fun and challenging eSports tournaments.

Made in Germany, the MMX 300 PRO embodies the highest quality standards. Nothing is left to chance: manufactured by hand, each gaming headset undergoes rigorous quality control before it reaches the customer. The drive system is manufactured within tight tolerances and measured several times during production. Thanks to durable materials including metal and high-quality plastics, all MMX 300 PRO headsets are long-lasting companions for demanding gamers.


Transducer type:...Dynamic
Operating principle:...Closed
Wearing type:...Over-ear
Frequency response:...5 - 40,000 Hz
Nominal impedance:...48 Ω per system
Sound pressure level 96 dB:..@ 1 mW/500 Hz
T.H.D:... @ 500 Hz < 0.05 %
Power handling capacity:..30 mW
Ambient noise attenuation:..18 dBA
Headband pressure:..5.5 N
Weight:..314 g
Length and type of cable:...2.5 m / straight cable, detachable, single-sided with 5-pole stereo jack plug
Connection:...2 x mini stereo jack plugs (3.5 mm) & mini jack adapter (3.5 mm) for consoles

Transducer type:...Condenser (back electret)
Operating principal:...Pressure gradient
Polar pattern...Cardioid
Power supply:...AB powering
Supply voltage:...2 - 9 V
Current consumption:...0.6 mA
Sensitivity at f = 1 kHz:... 21.6 mV/Pa
Frequency response:...20 - 20,000 Hz
Max. sound pressure level:...121 dB
Microphone output:...unbalanced
Length mic boom:...approx. 190 mm
Capsule diameter:...13 mm

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