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MMX 200

Low latency - multi platform
wireless headset

an essential companion

The new MMX 200 wireless headset offers the perfect combination of crystal-clear studio sound quality,
natural and realistic vocals, with Low Latency wireless connectivity for PC and console gaming enthusiasts.

mmx 200

MMX 200 
Game freely no matter where you are

The beyerdynamic MMX 200 Low Latency wireless headset delivers both crystal-clear studio sound quality and exceptional natural realistic vocals. With features like Augmented Mode, Low Latency, and Hybrid Mode with Bluetooth 5.3, the MMX 200 wireless becomes an essential companion for every gamer seeking performance and boundless flexibility.

In addition, Augmented Mode provides a unique gaming experience by blending ambient sounds with in-game audio, thanks to the microphones in both ear cups that capture the surroundings, enhancing environmental awareness. 

MMX 200 BLackMMX 200 Grey 

Low latency Mode  

The USB dongle supplied is developed for latency control and is connectable to PCs, consoles, or other USB devices, ensuring there is no input lag between audio and visuals. This delivers an unparalleled sound  and gaming experience.

Move freely throughout the game!


MMX 100


The new META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone delivers natural voice transmission, with minimal surrounding noise in the background as possible. The 9.9 mm capsule reproduces the voice image naturally and realistic, while typical noise such as
mouse and keyboard clicks are suppressed.

MMX 100 
Maximum performance & COMFORT

The MMX 100 offers unparalleled sound at an entry level price. 

Specifically optimised for gaming they deliver a high-resolution sound image; a clear & precise sound that is audible in all genres: In FPS games, the precise sound localisation is a clear advantage in a wide variety of situations and RPGs feel even more realistic due to
a distinct sound image.    

MMX 100 BlackMMX 100 Grey 

mmx 150

MMX 150  
Clear precise sound with cutting edge tech!

The MMX 150 is a digital USB gaming headset with integrated sound card and tuned features for passionate gamers. The built-in 40 mm driver systems are specifically optimised for gaming. It features a Light Guide System on the control wheel to make features such as Augmented Mode and Mute visually apparent. In addition, the headband and ear pads use memory foam to
guarantee long hours of wearing comfort.

MMX 150 BlackMMX 150 Grey 

Augmented Mode - direct access

In Augmented Mode, the surrounding sounds are detected and mixed into the playback signal in real time. This allows interaction with the outside world without having to interrupt the game, and awareness of one's own voice and volume is always guaranteed.

Get a better focus on the game!


hand made in germany

A streamlined design, that uses extremely high-quality materials; in addition, workmanship that is second to none. In short, this is the ultimate in gaming headset for sound and comfort - Made in Germany.  In short, an investment, not a purchase!


The MMX 300 MK II delivers an extremely clear, three-dimensional and powerful sound.

Amazing sound, outstanding speech intelligibility and extreme comfort will give you an unbeatable advantage against the competition. Originally developed as a headset for the private aviation industry, the MMX 300 has been perfected to meet the specific requirements of intense gaming sessions.

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The materials used are carefully handcrafted by our highly skilled experts in Germany. This degree of manual workmanship results in a unique level of quality and ensures that the headphones will fit comfortably for years and years to come.


The TYGR 300 R is an open-back headphone with true professional sound reinvented for gaming. High wearing comfort and detailed directional sound create a unique benefit, brings gaming to another level.

Hear sounds that you have never experienced before. The sound stage is adapted for accurate and fast in-game sound localisation.
The result is a perfectly balanced sound for an impressive gaming experience.

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DT 990 PRO limited edition - black


Evolving from the legendary DT990PRO (250ohm) version “directly below”, the new Limited Edition DT990PRO Limited Edition featuring 80 ohm capsules are now more than ever, ready to take on a wider range of audio devices; ranging from portable media players, tablets, PC and console platforms.

For decades, audio engineers and studios have chosen the 990 as their go-to product for pre/post product applications. Now a new generation in the gaming community have discovered the 990’s brilliant tailored frequency response and natural balanced sound.

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The Limited Edition offers a clear and transparent sound that is ideal for the user to not only hear the audio within the game in crystal clear detail, but also allows for determining sound location; basically, allowing you to know where the competition is.

dt 990 pro


As like the Limited Edition, the 990 offers a clear and transparent sound that is ideal for the user to not only hear the audio within the game in crystal clear detail, but also allows for determining sound location; again, allowing you to know where the competition is.

a legend in the audio industry

Few headphones throughout the world have come close to the legendary DT990PRO for their brilliantly tailored frequency response and natural balanced sound. In short the audio reproduction is exactly what was recorded in detail. 

As part of their clear transparent  stereo sound stage, you can determine the directional location of music, vocals and your competition. Ideal for first-person-shooter game players. 

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