MMX 150 Digital USB Gaming Headset (Grey)

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The MMX 150 is perhaps the most versatile headset on the market.

The perfect headset for gamers who enjoy excellent sound, are looking for innovative features and that plug-and-play usability in a headset. When playing on a console you can connect the headset directly to the controller.

With the combination of excellent wearing comfort, dedicated sound for gamers and the new META VOICE microphone, beyerdynamic offers the right product – the Meta Pick, so to speak – for every gamer.

 So, what is “META” when mentioned in Gaming?

definition:  META.  An approach to a game that transcends or operates outside of the prescribed rules of the game, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game
Most Effective Tactics Available

A winning combination with Augmented Mode!

For premium studio-quality sound, beyerdynamic’s driver systems are the best Meta Pick for your ears due to decades of audio experience and passion for gaming. 

The built-in 40 mm driver systems are specifically optimized for gaming by beyerdynamic's acoustic engineers and provide a high-resolution sound image. The result is a clear and precise sound that is audible in all genres: In FPS games, the precise sound localisation convincingly gives a clear advantage in a wide variety of situations, and RPGs feel even more realistic due to the distinct sound image.   

AUGMENTED MODE: - Direct access to the outside world

Gaming is the window to another world, where one adventure after another awaits. But even in the most exciting moments, we sometimes need to devote our attention to the outside world. So, to maintain the balance between the digital and the real world, the MMX 150 is equipped with the new Augmented Mode.  

In Augmented Mode, the surrounding sounds are detected and mixed into the playback signal in real time. This allows interaction with the outside world without having to interrupt the game, and awareness of one's own voice and volume is always guaranteed. For Augmented Mode to work simply use of the USB cable supplied to deliver power to the headset for the sound to be mixed.

NOTE: As a digital USB headset, for Augmented Mode, Mic Mute & Volume Control to work simply use the primary USB cable supplied to deliver power to the function button on the headset. 

Loud background noises in the chat break a team’s immersion and focus. In gaming, the stakes are high and it’s important for your voice to be transmitted naturally with a minimum of background noise. Featuring the new META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone. The high demands in gaming require a natural voice transmission with as little surrounding noise in the background as possible. The 9.9 mm capsule reproduces the voice image naturally and realistic, while typical noise such as mouse and keyboard clicks are suppressed.

Never again will you have to waste time searching along your cable!
The controls are located directly on the headset. The convenient control wheel and intuitive controls allow you to run the volume quickly and precisely without leaving the game. Additionally, the microphone can be muted. The MMX 150 also features a Light Guide System on the control wheel to make features such as Augmented Mode and Mute visually apparent. 

Sophisticated design delivers hours of wearing comfort!
The MMX 150 combine classic beyerdynamic aesthetics with functionality for the ultimate gaming experience. The high-quality aluminum headband is the binding piece of the long-lasting headset. To prevent pressure points on the head, the headband is equipped with a synthetic leather band with memory foam. The memory foam-filled synthetic leather ear pads also guarantee long hours of wearing comfort and are even faster and easier to replace thanks to the bayonet mechanism. The MMX 150 is available in grey and black.


Transducer:     Dynamic
Acoustic design:      Closed
Impedance:     32 Ohms
Frequency response:     5 – 30.000 Hz
Transmission:     Wired

Length & type of cable:     
-Analogue: 1.2 m / pluggable /straight cable
-Digital: 2.4 m / pluggable / straight cable

Connection plug:
-Digital: USB-C to USB-A

-Analogue: USB-C to 4 pin stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) 

Weight (without cable):    304g

Scope of delivery:
MMX 150 headset with detachable cable and microphone arm 
USB-C to 3.5 mm jack cable (1.2 m) 
USB-C to A cable (2.4 m)
Gooseneck Pop Filter

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