TG Drum Set PRO M

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The newly compiled TG Drum Set PRO M, is now available with the TG D71 boundary model microphone. The new TG D71 is a professional boundary microphone that works as a pressure gradient receiver and has a half-cardioid polar pattern

The condenser capsule (back electret) transmits frequencies of 25 hertz to 20 kHz and can handle a max. sound pressure level (SPL) of 148 dB. A three-pin XLR connector is provided for transporting both the audio signal and the phantom power required for operation – the correct power supply is signalled via a red status LED.

At just 413 grams and in practical dimensions (90 x 86 x 27mm), the new beyerdynamic boundary microphone is not only perfectly suited for use in a bass drum, but also for various other applications. This practical microphone packages meet both the needs of beginners and the discerning audio expectations of professional drummers alike; guarantee first-class results – on the stage and in the recording studio.

The TG Drum Sets PRO M being our mid-level set offers a total of 4 TG D35 microphones; (3) more then our entry level set.

It comes with the following microphones:

4 x TG D35 – Dynamic microphone ideal for miking toms & snare drums.
1 x TG D71 - Condenser Boundary Microphone for miking bass drums.
2 x TG I53- Condenser Microphone for miking hi-hats &overheads.
1 x Soft durable carrying cases with protective moulded foam padding that has enough space for additional microphones.

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