MMX 200 Wireless Multi Platform Gaming Headset. Studio Quality Sound (Black)

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The new MMX 200 takes gaming sound to a new level!

The MMX 200 wireless offers the perfect combination of crystal-clear studio sound, META VOICE microphone, and wireless connectivity for PC and console gaming enthusiasts.

With features like Augmented Mode, Low Latency, and Hybrid Mode with Bluetooth 5.3, the MMX 200 wireless becomes an essential companion for every gamer seeking top-notch performance and boundless flexibility.

Professional Sound in Every Gaming Environment

Specially designed by beyerdynamic acousticians for gamers, the integrated 40mm studio driver systems deliver a clear, comprehensive soundscape. This not only impresses during gaming but also enhances voice communication and the enjoyment of music and movies. Precise in-game sound localization enables crucial gameplay.

The META VOICE microphone elevates voice transmission to a new level. Thanks to the 9.9mm capsule, voices are rendered lifelike and natural, while disruptive ambient noise is effectively suppressed. Additionally, the flexible META VOICE microphone of the MMX 200 wireless headset is detachable. This ensures it won't be in your way when watching videos or listening to music.

Calls can still be made during this time, as the built-in microphones in the MMX 200 wireless are activated when the META VOICE microphone is disconnected, allowing users to always stay reachable.

Smart Features

The MMX 200 wireless can be effortlessly and precisely controlled using the control wheel, allowing adjustments to volume without interrupting gameplay. Additionally, the control wheel manages the mute function and Augmented Mode.

The META LINK SWITCH facilitates seamless switching between BLUETOOTH® MODE, LOW LATENCY MODE, and HYBRID MODE for optimal wireless connectivity in any situation. For the best gaming experience, the LOW LATENCY MODE can also be individually selected through the META LINK SWITCH. The USB dongle, developed for latency control and connectable to PCs, consoles, or other USB devices, ensures there is no input lag between audio and visuals.

The groundbreaking META LINK CONNECT technology offers a high-speed wireless connection that sets new standards in the gaming world. Thanks to the LOW LATENCY MODE, BLUETOOTH® 5.3, and HYBRID MODE, you can establish the perfect connection with various devices, delivering an unparalleled sound experience.

Moreover, the MMX 200 wireless' Augmented Mode provides a unique gaming experience by blending ambient sounds with in-game audio. Augmented Mode microphones in both ear cups capture the surroundings, enhancing environmental awareness.

Perfect Wearing Comfort

For hours of gaming sessions, in addition to excellent sound and voice quality, the headset guarantees high wearing comfort. The new earpad shape and the memory foam-filled faux leather headband with aluminum bracket ensure an optimal fit.


  • PC - Full compatibility

  • PS4 l PS5 - Supported via the included Low Latency dongle; or      
    (optional analogue cable) 

  • SWITCH - Supported via the included Low Latency dongle; or
    (optional analogue cable)

  • XBOX - Supported only via optional analogue cable.


  • Studio level sound for a competitive edge
  • META VOICE Microphone — Broadcast Ready through studio quality
  • Control wheel for volume control, mute function and Augmented Mode
  • META LINK CONNECT;  our answer to a wireless high-speed connection
  • Comfort 2.0 — hours of wearing comfort due to improved ear pads
  • Augmented Mode — balance between in-game
  • Low Latency Wireless Adapter for Gaming on devices with USB connection (PC, PlayStation®, Nintendo Switch TM)


Transducer: Dynamic
Operating principle: Closed
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Transmission: Low Latency (LC3), Bluetooth,
Bluetooth + Analogue Connection, USB Audio
Bluetooth: 5.3, A2DP, HFP, SBC, LC3
Analogue connection: Yes
USB audio connections: Yes
Charging during use: Yes
Battery life: 35 hours (Mic and loudspeaker at a certain playback volume)
Additional functions: Call handling, mute microphone, volume control, Augmented Mode
Weight (without cable): 360 g
Type: Condenser (electret)
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Frequency response: 50 - 18,000 Hz
Capsule diameter: 10 mm
Open circuit voltage:  -26 dBV @ 1 kHz
Codec:  LC3
Connector: USB-C
LED: multi-coloured


  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable, 2.4 m, for connecting to a computer/console
  • 1 x Microphone pop shield
  • 1 x Dongle (Low Latency Wireless Adapter)
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A adapter (for dongle)

1 x USB-C to 4-pole jack (CTIA) cable, 1.2 m, for connecting the headset to analogue/portable devices

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