HOW TO: Change earpads on your headphones, a simple step by step approach.

How to change earpads on your headphones 101.

DT770/880/990PRO only:

Well after years or intensive use of your PRO headphones, changing the ear pads can make a big difference in the sound & comfort. The upholstery material wears out over the years, and sweat and dust can also dirty the upholstery. This may be why the over-ear headphones no longer completely enclose the ears and therefore no longer provide a seal. 

This can have a negative impact on the sound because as soon as air escapes from the area between the ear cushion and the ear, the bass reproduction is affected. The low tones are no longer just piped directly into the ear, but are sometimes lost on the way there. The ear cushion filling foam can also change over time, lose its shape and become softer. As soon as you put the headphones on, the ear cushions become more compressed. 

This affects the sound of the entire mid and bass range. In both cases, worn ear pads can result in clearly audible differences in the sound that noticeably disrupt the fine balance of bass, mids and highs.


Ok, lets get started. For this task you will need:

  • A hairdryer (for DT 770/880/990 PRO headphones only) ideally.
  • A flathead screwdriver or the handle of a small tea spoon or fork.
  • A new set of ear pads compatible with your headphone model.

Step 1: Remove old ear pads
How to remove earpads from your headphone 1
To do this, first adjust the headband to the largest fit.
Then pull the ear cushion off over the edge of the housing.

Step 2: Loosen the clamping ringHow to remove earpads from your headphones
Now carefully pry off the clamping ring by inserting the flathead screwdriver between the clamping ring and the housing or the handle of the tea spoon/fork between the clamping ring and the foam disk. 

Now remove the old foam disc. If dust or dirt has accumulated on the system underneath, you can carefully blow away the contamination or wipe it off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Place new foam disc
How to remove earpads from your headphones
You then place the new foam disc on the system. 
How to remove earpads from your headphones
Then reattach the clamping ring resting on the foam disc so that the plastic bump fits exactly into the notch in the housing and press it lightly back into position.

Step 4: Install/thread new ear cushions
How to remove earpads from your headphones
The last step requires a bit of sensitivity. First ever so gently, heat the rubber lip on the new ear cushion with a hairdryer (be careful – not too hot!). 
The heat makes the rubber lip a little more flexible and stretchy. 
How to remove earpads from your headphones
Now you can pull the ear cushion over the edge of the case, starting on one side. When the lip is completely over the housing, you can turn the ear cushion slightly again at the end to check that it fits correctly.

You're now good to go!!!!

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