TG 534 NECK-WORN MIC SET (Discontinued - Available Whilst Stock Lasts)

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Calling all Vocalists, Presenters, Singers and Performers!

The TG 534 wireless neck-worn vocal microphone set (520 - 548MHz) offers complete freedom of movement and is therefore ideal for speech to singing; move at ease knowing that the neck-worn microphone delivers an optimal tailored fit due to its design and flexible gooseneck.

The microphone delivers a natural sound thanks to its quality mic capsule and its ability to be optimally adjusted by using the flexible gooseneck. Its robust build quality also allows you to take your system on the road, making it both a safe and long-term investment.

With an operating range of up to 120 metres* (line of sight*), and up to 10 hours of battery operation the beyerdynamic TG 534 allows for substantially greater freedom by allowing longer uninterrupted operation over a wide area, even during extended events, compared to other systems.

The ergonomically shaped belt pack transmitter is simple to use; with an integrated belt clip and a total weight of only 85 grams its simple to apply to your clothing. Features such as quick and easy synchronisation via infrared transmission from the receiver to the transmitter, mute button, pilot tone ensuring interference-free transmission and a warning for low battery you are ready and covered for any performance.

The heart of the system is the TG500SR receiver that delivers intuitive operation in combination with a backlit LC display that delivers a particularly user-friendly menu navigation. The systems included outputs are a balanced XLR output and a balanced jack output, provided as analogue audio ports. Also included in the set is a rack-mount kit to allow for installation if required.

Note: This microphone uses a frequency range of 520 - 548 MHz.
When using a wireless microphone in your location you need to use the right frequency to ensure that it works correctly. Visit the ACMA channel-finder page to ensure the frequency range of this product is suitable for your area.

Delivery content TG 534 Headworn Set:

  • TG 500SR (Single receiver)
  • Neck worn microphone TG H34
  • TG 500B (Belt pack transmitter)
  • 1 pair detachable antennas
  • Batteries
  • Power supply
  • Rack mount kit

Optional available accessories:

  • Charger WA-CD
  • WA-CKF (Rear to front mounting kit)

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