Orbis MU 41 (Discontinued - Available Whilst Stock Lasts)

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The Orbis MU 41 flush mount delegate microphone unit is equipped with one microphone button in the mounting plate, with which the participant can turn the unit and microphone on or off. The ready-tospeak status of the microphone is displayed by the red LED on the gooseneck microphone and the green backlit microphone button.

Depending on the configuration of the Orbis CU control unit one of the following operating modes is possible: Normal: Each participant can turn on his/her microphone unit until the maximum number of open microphones is achieved. FiFo: Each participant can turn on his/her microphone. If the selected number of open microphones (NOM) is exceeded, the microphone of the participant who turned on his/her microphone first is turned off when another participant turns on his/her microphone. Voice-controlled Activation: The microphone is turned on when the participant speaks into it, until the maximum number of open microphones is achieved.

The microphone unit‚ design follows the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. It includes silicone buttons with tactile feedback and Braille marking. A headphone or induction loop for people with a hearing aid can be connected to the mini jack output. The volume of the headphone is adjusted with a separate control. Furthermore, by pressing the volume control the participant can toggle between two channels (e.g. original and 1 AUX-IN e.g. foreign language channel).

Microphone Not Included ( Image 2 is a visual example).


Mounting plate made of high-gloss acrylic glass
Round edges for flush mounting into tables
Removable gooseneck microphone in different lengths, with Scudio technology, 5-pin XLR connection with hidden lock
Red LED on the gooseneck microphone displays ready-to-speak status
Microphone button to turn the unit and microphone on or off
Three-coloured backlit silicone microphone button: White = microphone unit on Green = microphone on Red = request-to-speak entered, microphone still off
Voice-controlled activation of the microphone possible
Headphone output (3.5 mm stereo jack) and buttons to set volume or channel (Original or 1 foreign language channel)
Two RJ45 sockets to connect to the control unit or to another microphone unit/system unit
Phoenix connector for external loudspeaker
Automatic power off when the control unit is turned off 1 of 4 Supplied without loudspeaker Supplied without gooseneck microphone


Voltage supply via control unit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bus voltage (48 V DC)
Power consumption . . . . . . . . . . max. 1 W
Temperature range (humidity < 90%) . . . . +10C to +40C [+50F to +104F] Storage temperature (humidity < 90%) . . . . -20C to +55C [-4F to +131F]

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