WA-HHA-SHBY (Discontinued - Available Whilst Stock Lasts)

BEYERDYNAMIC Article no: 711012



The WA-HHA-SHBY microphone adapter made of aluminium is provided to use beyerdynamic TG 1000 handheld transmitter with all capsules with a 1.25"/28 thread.Features:

  • Rugged aluminium adapter for microphone capsules from:
    • DPA
    • Shure
    • Heil Sound
    • Sony
    • Lectrosonic
    • EV
    • Blue
    • Line6
    • Earthworks
    • Telefunken
  • 7 V - powering for higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • For use with beyerdynamic TG 1000 handheld transmitters

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