Example of a virtual presentation or tour.

As we all know, in recent times COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we interact and communicate with people. In particular from the aspect of "visitor tours" at a location, or for that matter, small to medium size presentations at offices, education campuses or Houses of Worship. 

Virtual Tour Guide Equipment

Coming up with a simple to use, cost effective solution that can allow you to live stream or pre-record your presentation for your audience to view can be challenging when looking to use traditional professional and/or semi-professional broadcast equipment. Aside from spending a substantial amount of money you may also be faced with the complexity of using such a technical system.

With Unite you can open up a wide range of possibilities. Unite is easy to use and cost effective compared to traditional broadcast equipment. As a simple example you can stream two or three audio channels into your chosen device without the use of a mixer.

The image above gives a simple overview on how you can capture two channels of audio along with video into an iPhone and push both audio and video from the phone into a live stream via a social media platform.

Again, just one of many functions and applications for Unite.

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